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Indirect Descendant

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Jose Luis Cuevas Self-portrait

Years ago, when I first thought about writing this story, I played with the idea of calling it, The Once and Future Queen.  It was to be a story about triumph and the destined resurgence of one of the world’s greatest forgotten wines.  Sadly, over the last year, it has felt more like a tragedy than a triumph.  As I began, the focus of my piece made an unexpected, yet natural turn.  It became about the dream of a boy that seemed to have been born for a special moment: the resurrection of Northern Piedmont’s lost wine queen.

Maybe if he were making wine from a famous place, like Barolo, or Brunello, instead of some nearly forgotten wine regions in northern Piedmont, he would’ve already been on the front page of one of the wine industry’s honorable publications.  Seventeen years ago, this thirteen-year-old kid from nowhere found himself in a bookstore staring at a wine journal.  The publication was written by the most revered Italian wine writer of the time, Luigi Veronelli.  He walked out of the store, book in hand, and began his unexpected journey. Continue reading